We are a woman owned, experienced, conservative political campaign consulting firm with an extensive track record of high impact campaigns that specializes in non-traditional candidates, voter referenda (referendums), ballot initiatives and recalls.

A non-traditional candidate might be any of the following:

Women Candidates
Independent Candidates
Conservative Candidates of Any Party
Write-In Candidates
First Time Candidates
Late Start Candidates
Candidates That Are Considered “Long Shots”
Primary Candidates Running Against Incumbents of the Same Party
General Election Candidates Running Against an Incumbent

Some of the types of races and issues that we have worked on:

Statewide Referenda
Statewide Recalls
Federal Level Campaigns (House, Congressional, Presidential)
State Level Education Elections
County Supervisor Races
Signature Gathering, Petitioning

Contact us today and let’s see if we can work together to get you elected!