What is a DIY Campaign Rollout?

It is for Do It Yourself candidates who need a big push, but don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to roll out a campaign.

It can also be used for candidates who want to get an early start to raise money before hiring a full team.

Conservative Campaign Consulting offers a flat rate service, depending on which level of office you are running for, which includes:

One hour a week strategy session for the first four weeks
A professional, fully interactive campaign website (includes donations and newsletter app)
Online volunteer database system
Basic campaign logo
Domain name
Non-transferable SSL Certificate
Web hosting service for the duration of the primary
Email service for the duration of the primary
Social media setup, filtering and configuration on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (includes graphics)
Press release
Press release sent to all local media
High resolution artwork that you can use for 24×18 signs
100 bumper stickers
Numerous resources for you to use

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