Our extensive client list makes one thing clear, Conservative Campaign Consulting is not afraid to work on behalf of important causes and candidates who would otherwise be ignored by the party elites. Candidates that insider consultants will not touch, because they are worried about their own “reputation” and alienating their buddies.

We know your message is important – win or lose. And we will stand with you every step of the way!

These are just some of the campaigns and causes that our team has worked on:

George Barnett for Magistrate – Kentucky. Website, Social Media, Consulting.

Scott Lively for Governor – Massachusetts. Website, Social Media. Our client Scott, just received nearly 40% of the primary vote against “America’s Most Popular Governor”, Charlie Baker.

Dr. Feyi Obamehinti for SBOE – Texas. Website, Consulting.

Chris Mapp for Congress – Texas. Website and Social Media.

Brad Sostack for Congress – Florida. Website, Consulting.

Frontline America – California. Website and Consulting.

Coastal Bend Chamber of Commerce – Texas. Website and Social Media.

Ken Van Doren for Congress – Wisconsin. Campaign Management, Website, Social Media.

Sheri Few for State Superintendent of Education – South Carolina. Website and Social Media.

Elizabeth Moffly for State Superintendent of Education – South Carolina. Consulting, Website, Social Media.

Red Senate PAC – Virginia. Consulting, Website, Social Media.

SB277 Statewide Referendum – California. Website, Social Media.

SB54 Statewide Referendum – California. Website.

Mike Zoril for Congress – Wisconsin. Website.

Statewide Recount for Prosser vs Kloppenberg – Wisconsin. Volunteer.

Statewide Recall Against Scott Walker – Wisconsin (we were on Walker’s side). Volunteers.

American Allegiance Party – Nationwide. Included more than 150 social media accounts, Websites.

Take California Back PAC – California. Website, Social Media, Consulting.

John Cabello for State Representative – Illinois. Voter Outreach.

Transparency Project – Nationwide. Website, Consulting.

Jerry Brown Recall – California. Website, Consulting.

Ion Baleanu for School Board – Massachusetts. Website, Social Media.

Justice for Dylan – California. Website.

Not all clients are listed because; We are currently working with them, or, we have a Non DIsclosure Agreement with a General Consultant.

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