We offer the best in industry social media for political campaigns. Our outstanding social media services are, by far, our most popular service.

Today’s social media for political campaigns is a GAME CHANGER. It can either end your campaign, or that of your competitors.

Handling social media the proper way is a job for a PROFESSIONAL, yet, so often, candidates hand it over to volunteers or worse – FAMILY or FRIENDS! The sad thing is, when that happens, it is painfully obvious.

In addition to the goal of getting new followers and engaging in campaign outreach, professional social media experts (such as us of course!) will wage war on your competition. Covertly.

We have a huge network of activists available to us who help us do just that! One of our clients described us as…. BRUTAL. Yes, he actually felt sorry for the guy – and the good thing is, our client’s competition had NO idea what hit him.

He simply was not prepared.

When you manage social media accounts (and we have managed HUNDREDS in the past few years) you MUST know how to deal with people.

Should you block trolls? Or should you ignore them?

Do you know who really is a troll vs. who is trying to get information?

Does the social media manager post as if they are the candidate?

How do you get new followers?

How do you get people to engage your page?

How do you know what to share on Facebook, and when?

What is the correct ratio of people you follow on Twitter vs the number of people who follow you?

How much money should be spent on Facebook advertising? If any.

How often should your page be putting out information?

How many photos should be on your pages?

Should you upload campaign videos to Facebook? Or use YouTube instead?

Should the candidate openly criticize their opponents on social media?

How many people (and who) should have admin access to social media accounts?

When you hire us you will no longer need to worry about all of the above. When we are on your side, we handle ALL your social media accounts at once. We include graphics and memes. We bring our expanded network with us. We *take care of* your competition. We even offer weekly analytics so you can see the measurements yourself!

BEST OF ALL – Our services are delivered with the utmost in discretion.


That’s right, we will keep it just between us ;)

Here is a  tip: All your social media should clearly state your name (first and last), your website URL, and the office you are running for (and where). We can’t tell you how many times we have visited a candidate’s social media pages where it wasn’t obvious that they were running for office AT ALL! What WAS obvious was that they were running a rookie campaign that had no chance of winning.

If your name is Joe Smith and you are running for US Senate in Oklahoma, that should be the FIRST THING people see when they go to any of your social media accounts. By the way, you may be surprised to learn that MOST people do not understand the difference between STATE Senate and US Senate.

We promise our social media services will be the best you have EVER had!

Our services include initial page page set up, configuration, graphics, posting, replies, responses, and more on three networks.

Contact us today and we can get started right away!