These are our basic terms and conditions for our services. Any other terms such as concessions, contingencies and/or discounts (if any) will be noted on your invoice.

Our monthly billing is on a 4 week schedule. So, for example, if your agreement starts on a Monday, your next monthly bill will be due on the 4th Monday after, and so on.

Our relationships are built on trust and respect, and that is a two way street. When you enter into an agreement with us, either verbal or written, we expect you to uphold your end of the agreement.

It is the client’s responsibility to make sure filing fees are understood and paid for. Those are third party fees that are not paid to us, nor do we facilitate those payments. If you miss filing deadlines and/or if you fail to have the funds to pay any possible filing fees, or get signatures (where required), that is not our responsibility.

Since most of our business and fees are based on our experience, knowledge and advice (consulting) – that is a large part of what you are paying for. Once we have used that experience, knowledge and advice to your benefit, we cannot take it back. Due to this, we do not give refunds for our services.

Before agreeing to any services, clients must understand that our business is based on a first come first served model. As such, this means once you agree to hire us, and pay your invoice, we are not available to other clients in many cases. Your failure to meet our agreement or arrangement can result in financial damages to us. Because campaign seasons are not typical, if you break our agreement, this may result in extra fees to you to make up for the losses or potential losses to us as a result.

By law, there is no cancellation or “cooling off” period. Please be certain that you wish to proceed before we allocate resources and/or staff to your account.

There are absolutely no guarantees whatsoever of the outcome of your election or political endeavors, nor do we give such guarantees. Statistics and opinions should never be construed as such. Only you, the client, can make the decision of whether or not you wish to run for office.

When you hire us for services (except for web development) you are hiring us for a minimum of one month. Our services are billed monthly unless indicated otherwise on your invoice. Any cancellations by the client will not result in any refunds.

Any attempts to defraud us by filing chargebacks will result in a civil, and possibly, criminal action against you.

Any client who engages in any effort to harm our reputation by slander or libelous means will result in the immediate termination of our agreement, if any is still in effect, without a refund, and may possibly result in legal action.

Last revised: June 14th, 2018