Campaign Consulting Services

We are a political campaign management firm that specializes in the non-traditional campaigns that many consultants will not take, for fear of “making enemies” with their colleagues, friends, party operatives and party leadership.

The sad fact is, the two major parties usually do not take non-traditional candidates seriously, and often they will do whatever they can, overtly or covertly, to torpedo your chances of winning.

A non-traditional candidate might be any of the following:

Women Candidates
Unmarried Candidates
Older Candidates
Independent Candidates
Single Issue Candidates
Candidates Running for Smaller Offices
Write-In Candidates
Post-Primary Write-In Campaigns
First Time Candidates
Late Start Candidates
Candidates That Are Considered “Long Shots”
Primary Candidates Running Against Incumbents of the Same Party
General Election Candidates Running Against an Incumbent

Many non-traditional candidates cannot afford the costs of a general campaign consultancy, which often can reach to tens of thousands of dollars per month and a sizable retainer up front. This results in candidates who truly have no shot at winning, not just because they have no money, but because their lack of ability to run a serious campaign prevents them from raising the funds needed in order to have the appearance of a “serious” campaign. If you don’t take your campaign seriously, don’t expect anyone else to.

We are willing to work with candidates who understand that running for office is not for fun, it’s not a joke and it’s not easy. It requires a full time effort – no exceptions.

All we ask is that you must be willing to win, and put in the effort required to win.

You will want to get started as soon as possible, we prefer at least six months prior to the first election date, a year would be ideal, however, we do understand that is not always possible.

Contact us today and let’s see if we can work together to get you elected!