Dear Patriot,

My name is Lauren and I am the founder of Conservative Campaign Consulting. I started this company in 2014, after many years of working on (and volunteering for) many campaigns and causes – big and small. I have worked with many campaigns where the management simply did not care about the candidate or the outcome. They were too busy working with so many candidates that they could not take care of any of them properly.

My company is different.

We have a super dedicated group of patriots who love working with first time candidates and primary challengers. We understand these races can be long shots, but we put everything into them. You see, many campaign consultants will only work with well established candidates or incumbents, that’s because they don’t want any losing races on their record.

That is not a factor for us.

We know, if a candidate chooses to work with us, and if that candidate will actually LISTEN to us (believe me, many don’t!), then their chances of winning increase exponentially. At the very least, their political profiles will become much more valuable – and that is important.

Our clients are taken seriously as real contenders. That is because when we manage campaigns, your opposition knows you are taking your race seriously. Donors know it too. There is nothing sadder than someone running for office who has not put any real thought into it. People running those kind of campaigns just aren’t serious about winning. And it is evident to everyone. They have ZERO chance of winning. And ZERO chance of ever being taken seriously. After they lose, they blame EVERYONE, other than themselves, when it was their own fault all along for not taking it seriously. If you don’t take your campaign seriously, don’t expect anyone else to.

We have several great options for you. The first is our DIY campaign management option. That is where we set up your campaign and then you take it over. It is a great option! And it is affordable. The second is our management agreements. We do those on contract, you pay monthly for the duration of the campaign, and we manage it for you and do the heavy lifting. We also offer several ala carte services.

I encourage you to first read our campaign advice page before you make any decisions. I also encourage you to really think about if you are the kind of person who can work with a management team. But, if you are serious and you are committed – I want to hear from you! We can work together to figure it out.

I look forward to hearing from you, so feel free to reach out in any case!



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