Have you decided to run for office, but you have no website and you need to announce your candidacy soon? Like, yesterday? Having a professional, complete and live website is an essential first step BEFORE meeting with potential donors who will be searching for you online, usually before they give you a check.

Make no mistake about it, you will be judged by your online presence.

#ProTip 1 – never let any person other than yourself register your domain name. Chances are, you will never get it back!

We have all the tools you need to run a successful campaign website. Conservative Campaign Consulting can have a professional web presence online for you in a matter of hours, and a complete website in just a few days.

While some consultants farm out your website to someone who they can make a commission from, we don’t. We own our own web hosting and email hosting company right here in the United States, and all work is performed and kept in house for more control, reliability, ownership, security and cost savings.

Using cheap or free web designers is a HUGE mistake that only rookies make. Voters and donors alike will know – and it makes candidates look weak and underfunded. Don’t let this happen to you! Even worse are the big companies that offer you low monthly rates, and they put their branding on your website – hackers look for that because they know their way into those systems.

Our websites, servers and email system are designed and setup to repel hackers, attackers and snoops. This is critically important when you are campaigning. There is nothing worse than promoting a fundraiser, only to send them to a website that has been taken offline by a hacker or DOS attack.

Your new campaign website will include the following:

Your Bio Page

Issues Page

Newsletter Signup Page

Donation Page (PayPal or Piryx)

Photo Gallery

Events Calendar

A Contact Page

A Volunteer Sign Up Page (optional)

Social Media Icons/Links

Newsletter Signup Widget

Endorsements Page (optional)

Sharing Widget

Business Web Hosting Service for Duration of Campaign Cycle

Professional Email Service @yourname.com for Duration of Campaign Cycle

Non-transferable SSL Certificate

You will own your website outright and have back-end access to it once it is paid for and completed. If we are to maintain it for you, we limit access to necessary personnel only, so no “mistakes” can happen (that you would end up paying extra for!). All websites, web hosting and email services are subject to our terms of service.

#ProTip 2 – When choosing a domain name, never buy just the .org for your campaign. Your main website should be a .com and you should buy all three extensions (.com/.net/.org) to prevent an opponent from trying to take advantage of the situation.

All our political campaign websites include all of the above plus monthly maintenance and security updates. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Western Union and Bank Transfers. Once your order is paid for, we will start your website right away.

Resellers/Partners are encouraged to contact us and white labeling is available. Please note: resellers and partners are not allowed to use our portfolio as their own.

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You can call us at 888-522-3434 if you are in a big hurry =)